What is Ednode?

| April 12, 2011

Ednode is an intelligent recommendation and search tool that enables users of online communities to efficiently query one another for information and support.

Ednode seeks to do for person-to-person communication what traditional search engines have done to connect individuals to web content. Ednode enables one to search for professors, alumni and students of different universities to network with. It gives intelligent recommendations to people, based on one’s profile. Every user has his or her own bulletin board which he can use to communicate with his suggested connections.

The most exciting  use of the Ednode framework is the Ednode tool that connects novices and experts within a community of practice. A novice (defined here as anyone searching online for help and information on a particular topic), will undoubtedly find online media and documents may be useful to some extent, the novice may find that direct communication with an expert in this academic community may ultimately be the most effective way to master the topic at hand. In such a situation, Ednode’s role is to connect the novice to experts within his community who would be of greatest help.

Ednode’s scope also extends beyond connecting novices to experts in a community. It can be an equally effective tool for connecting two experts who may want to discuss a difficult problem together as colleagues.

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