Ednode Upgrades ☆

| April 26, 2011

Yesterday we made upgrades to the basic architecture of Ednode to make site more faster. We also made UI look better with –

A better default avatar for the users

  • An improved featured users grid on the home page
  • A more prominent ‘show me as mentor‘ box while you edit your profile
  • Numerous other UI improvements.
  • If you haven’t signed up for the Ednode . Do so immediately! Connect with people having similar interest, have great conversations and choose to help other people by selecting yourself as a mentor.

    And if you have already, please give your feedback by clicking the little feedback button in the left on Ednode.com or just click – http://ednode.idea.informer.com/

    We will continue to make improvements as we get more user feedback.

    Happy Ednoding! And Don’t forget to drop a message on my bulletin while enjoying the great weather! :)