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Presenting the Ednode Makeover! 

As we promised, Ednode has received a big makeover, and there are a variety of changes we’d like to walk you through. First, we’ve added a new mascot!  This cheerful fellow will watch over you as you explore the world of Ednode. We’ve also fully revamped the user interface of the website.  As you can see, …

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Ednode gets a makeover. Weigh in. 

Over at the EdLab blog, I promised not to post any more infographics this week. Then - wouldn't you know? - I found this one. (Click through to enlarge.) Go take a look at Ednode. Then come back. The Ednode team is planning on making some cosmetic and functional changes, so we want to know: …

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Ednode team at Teachers College Commencement 2011  ☆

On May 17 & May 18th --Graduation Day for TC's Class of 2011 -- the Edlab team provided a unique service to the graduating students: a free photo-op to commemorate their special day! The Edlab team used a high resolution lens, set up lights and three different backdrops to shoot the stars of the day. …

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Ednode keyword cloud  ☆

I have been playing around with the idea of having profile keywords that actually look like a cloud in Ednode. I did a blog post related to this a days back - The good news is that its live now! Now you will see your keywords nicely arranged with most important in the middle and …

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Ednode Upgrades  ☆

Yesterday we made upgrades to the basic architecture of Ednode to make site more faster. We also made UI look better with - A better default avatar for the users An improved featured users grid on the home page A more prominent 'show me as mentor' box while you edit your profile Numerous other UI …

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Ednode: A tool for building an intelligent network  ☆

Ednode is now officially out for the users! Some highlights of the tool: Search for people, get recommendations to people based on your profile. Find people to collaborate with in Teachers College, Columbia University and outside. Find mentors, volunteer to be a mentor. Discuss, Communicate with your connections on their/your bulletin board. Check out Ednode

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What is Ednode? 

Ednode is an intelligent recommendation and search tool that enables users of online communities to efficiently query one another for information and support. Ednode seeks to do for person-to-person communication what traditional search engines have done to connect individuals to web content. Ednode enables one to search for professors, alumni and students of different universities …

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